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Mikaila’s Christmas Gifts

Date: 21 December 2012

Mikaila is a 5 year old girl who was born with an ear disease and needs to attend a special school as she is deaf. Mikaila and her mother live with her Grandmother and Grandfather. Her mother works in a call centre and her company tries to help her to raise funds for Mikaila's school fees because she is struggling to support her family.

Our financial director Shaleen Endres took it upon herself to provide them with groceries as Mikaila needs to eat proper food which her family can’t afford to buy. Several of our staff members also donated money towards Christmas gifts for Mikaila since she has never had a Christmas before.


Accumulo Consulting bookkeeper Atiya (Right)
and former employee Denzel (left) hands
over Christmas presents to Mikaila (middle).

Accumulo Consulting Bookkeeper Atiya (left)
handing over Christmas presents to
Mikayla and family.