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UIF Registration

Remove your UIF Registration burden

All businesses are required to register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

UIF registration and UIF contributions place a monthly time and resource burden on your company.

Strict regulations need to be met and UIF payments for all employees must be made every month. You also have to provide full details of any employees you acquire or lose. That’s a lot of time that you could be spending on more profitable areas of business.

So let us handle your UIF registration and administration.

Our experts work quickly and efficiently. We’ll save you time and you’ll always have the confidence of knowing that your UIF affairs are in order.

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More useful information on UIF Registration

Must all employees be registered?

UIF registration and UIF contributions are required by law for all your employees who work more than 24 hours per month.

However, there are certain employees to whom this does not apply. Employees who earn commission only and foreigners working on contract are not required to be registered for UIF. Public servants are also excluded, as are employees who get a monthly state pension, as well as learners who are employed while studying.

It is important to note that domestic workers who work more than 24 hours per month must be UIF registered and UIF contributions must be made for them.

When is UIF registration required?

You must submit UIF registration as soon as you employ someone who meets the above requirements and register them for UIF as well. You must advise the UIF of all relevant changes, such as new employees or salary changes, before the 7th of the month.

How much is the UIF contribution?

The total monthly UIF contribution is 2% of the employee’s gross monthly salary. 1% of this is the contribution of the employer, and deduct 1% from the employee’s salary each month. You may not deduct this retrospectively if you have neglected to do so for any given month.

Which forms must I complete?

UIF registration requires you to submit one or more of the following forms:

  • Application for registration as employer with UIF (Form UI-8)
  • Application for registration as employer of domestic worker (Form UI-8D)
  • Declaration of information of commercial employees and workers employed in a private household (Form UI-19)