New Tax Calculator - Thursday, February 26, 2015
We have updated out Tax Calculator with the new tax rates as presented by Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene on 25 February 2015, at 2pm.

Try the Free Online Tax Calculator today to see how the new budget affects your pocket! 
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Financial Statements FAQs

Q: I have a very small business, do I need Annual Financial Statements?

Yes. All registered entities are required by law to prepare financial statements which report on the result of that financial year. The format of these may change depending on the size of the business as there are small business reporting formats which are less onerous than larger businesses.

Q: I have a (Pty) Ltd, do I still need to be audited?

Not necessarily. The new companies act allows for a review of financial statements as opposed to an audit if your company has a Public Interest Score (PIS) of less than 100. Your current company founding documents will need to be amended!

LET US CALCULATE YOUR PUBLIC INTEREST SCORE - Our Public Interest Score Calculator will assist you in determining whether your company requires an audit or review.

Q: Are management accounts useful?

Yes. Having frequent management accounts allows you to know on a regular basis what is happening financially in your business and will assist with making educated decisions. For example, monthly management accounts can help with stock buying patterns so that you are not under or over stocked