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Accumulo Bowls Challenge 2012

Accumulo Consulting (Pty) Ltd sponsored a bowls tournament at Bedfordview Bowls Club on 25 and 26 August 2012.

The aim of the tournament was to highlight the plight of cancer victims in South Africa. On the final day Accumulo Consulting CEO, Philip Neville, handed a cheque for R150 210.00 to CANSA. (View  article on CANSA website)

We received tremendous sponsorship support from our clients and suppliers. Some sponsored cash to help with the costs of hosting the event, while others sponsored spot prizes or food items.

Others made donations to the CANSA Challenge included in the amount mentioned above.

The tournament was attended by 100 club players from the East Rand region. They formed 24 teams and competed over five rounds in the two days.

There were cash prizes for the top four teams: a first prize of R16 000.00, second of R8 000.00, while third, fourth and fifth prizes amounted to R5 000.00, R3 000.00 and R1 000.00 respectively.

The Accumulo CANSA Challenge added extra spice to the weekend. At the end of each round of the tournament a corner to corner competition took place with a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label being awarded to the winner.

Teams enjoyed wholesome lunches and refreshments between each round, while discussing strategy and sizing up their next opponents. Our own staff prepared the lunches in the club’s kitchens.

We’d like to say a heartfelt thanks to all the people involved in organising this year’s tournament. The following deserve special mention for their efforts:

  • Bedfordview Bowls Club for allowing us to host this event
  • The teams and players for playing so fairly
  • The sponsors and donors for giving so generously
  • Cooks and kitchen crew who made such yummy food
  • Staff of Accumulo Consulting for all their efforts
  • Other Accumulo staff who gave their time to either assist on the day or help with preparations beforehand
  • The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)

Download the official results sheet


Accumulo Bowls Challenge Winners

1st Prize winner: Team A. Piketh

1st Prize winner:
Team A. Piketh

Handing over of trophy Team A. Piketh

Handing over of trophy
Team A. Piketh

2nd Prize winner Team J. Holmes

2nd Prize winner:
Team J. Holmes

3rd Prize winner Team P. Kester

3rd Prize winner:
Team P. Kester

4th Prize winner Team D. Joseph

4th Prize winner:
Team D. Joseph

5th Prize Winner Team E. Steyn

5th Prize Winner:
Team E. Steyn

Accumulo Bowls Challenge and CANSA Challenge Group Photo

Accumulo Bowls Challenge and CANSA Challenge Group Photo